Partners & Advisors Building A Global Token Commons


Dr. John Henry Clippinger, Founder
  • ID3, TCF, MIT Media Lab
John Redpath NYC, Founder
  • CEO Trailstone Group, Head or Risk and Trading Citi and DB
Evan Caron Austin, TX, Founder
  • Renewable Energy Trader/Entrepreneur, Executive Director


Peter Hirshberg, Team
Peter Hirshberg
  • Author, Maker Cities, Marketing Veteran
Richard Kastelein, Team
Richard Kastelein
  • Community Founder, Blockchain News, Crypto-assets
Youngsook ParkxYoungsook Park, Director of Business Development, Korea, Team
Youngsook Park
  • Director of Business Development, Publisher, Indaily, Internet Newspaper CEO, Solar Makers/Global Climate Change Situation Room
Andrew Pearsons, Team
Andrew Pearsons
  • Strategy and operations lead


Brad Hardin, Kansas City, CTO, Core Partner
Brad Hardin, Kansas City, CTO
  • CTO Black and Veatch
Kent Larson, Core Partner
Kent Larson, Core Partner
  • Picture Director, City Sciences, MIT Media Lab
Patrick Stochenegger Zug, Core Partner
Patrick Stochenegger
  • Partner, PST
Tony Seba, Core Partner
Tony Seba
  • Changing the global conversation on the future of Energy, Transportation and Climate
Jaume Catarineau, Core Partner
Jaume Catarineau
  • Founder, Ubiquat, Local Currencies