"To build a more sustainable and equitable future through the creation of a commons-based blockchain protocol"

The TCF protocol will leverage a commons governance structure that enables autonomy and self-determination and encourages cooperation and inclusion. The Foundation will support open-source research and development of technologies and applications to build out a robust ecosystem that includes:

Software and hardware that efficiently and securely transfer and aggregate data to and from devices, individuals, and entities in the network

Policies, legal constructs, and governance mechanisms that protect the precept of self sovereign identity and facilitate decentralized and resilient networks

Smart contracts, trust tokens, and value tokens that incentivize innovation, facilitate exchange, and promote integrity

As a non-profit, TCF will seek to coordinate and organize efforts but will not seek to concentrate interest in favor of any individual or entity. We will encourage our partners to collaborate and cooperate in the spirit of the commons. We will work together to capture the collective potential of our global community.